My dear perverted, horny reader. I’m sorry I tricked you. Also, I’m flattered that you clicked this link. 😉

So what the heck is this page for, then?

While there’s more than a few books worth of content on this site that I could sell, I want it to be available for everyone at no cost.

So I’m basically writing this blog like a virtual street musician:

I just write my stuff. Then, if you feel it has been helpful to you, you basically throw a quarter in my hat to thank me. Throughout the years, people like you have thrown such quarters of all shapes and sizes: Sometimes 1000 bucks, sometimes 5. I’ve been deeply thankful for all of them.

I also reply with a personal message to each non-anonymous donation. In fact, many people have had specific posts written as an answer to questions they asked me after donating (to reduce the volume of questions I receive, there is currently no other way to ask me anything on this blog).

Receiving these donations is what enables me to continue to give my work away for free to anyone it may help. And I couldn’t be more grateful for your continuous support throughout the years.

There are rumors that sometimes that gratitude comes in the form of nudes after all. But I can neither confirm, nor deny them. 😉

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