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What if selfishness and contribution didn’t have to be opposites?

What could be better than having a way to heal the word while achieving your wildest dreams?

  • Finding happiness
  • Having fulfilling love life
  • Landing a lifestyle that suits us

These are self-centered dreams that most of share. And a lot of the content on this site directly addresses those desires. But underneath, there is a deeper purpose.

Problems in Society

There are many things in the world that break my heart to witness.

  • People abusing each other
  • Partners cheating on each other (or staying faithful but always fighting)
  • People who love each other but can’t communicate in a healthy way
  • People settling for friendships or relationships they don’t enjoy (to avoid being alone)
  • Leaders without integrity
  • People not having the strength to stand up for themselves
  • Bullying and senseless violence
  • Increased polarization
  • Racism, sexism, outrage culture, gender politics
  • A global epidemic of loneliness
  • Rising levels of depression and anxiety
  • People falling prey to all kinds of manipulation, deceit and indoctrination

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I actually think the world is amazing – and that this must be one of the most exciting times to be alive.

All I’m saying is: these specific things break my heart. And I’m under no illusion that we can get rid of them completely, but I do know an antidote.

A Solution for Many Social and Personal Problems

Why do people verbally and physically harm each other without provocation?

Why do couples cheat and divorce each other (or stay together and repeat the same fights) when they love each other?

Why do authority figures abuse their power to mistreat others just to feel “in control” – but fail to use that power to protect and serve?

Why do people exclude or devalue others for being different? (Bullying, racism, sexism, xenophobia misogyny, fights over political views or football teams, …)

Because they are disconnected. From themselves, from each other, from the greater whole, or from reality.

People who are in full connection:

  • Don’t abuse
  • Don’t manipulate
  • Don’t ghost each other
  • Don’t get brainwashed into cults, swayed by shady influencers or stuck in cultural ideologies
  • Are better lovers
  • Raise kids who are emotionally secure
  • Are in touch with their needs and boundaries –and those of others
  • Are an antidote to polarization
  • Don’t put themselves above or below others
  • End the cycles of blaming and victimization

But more than that… People who can remain in connection find it easier to turn their dreams into a reality.


  • They actually live in reality, not in the many illusions disconnected people get stuck in
  • They know and understand themselves, so they don’t pursue goals which aren’t authentic
  • Being connected to the whole, they are driven by a purpose that’s bigger than them (this is much more motivating)
  • Being connected to others, they have a large network of support –who tend to be more willing to help, because the relationship hasn’t been abused.

How to Make the World a Better Place by Being Yourself

My invitation to you use this site as a guide to create a life that’s right for you –instead of going with what was prescribed to you by society.

If that life looks exactly like the prescription, great. But what are the odds of that?

Discovering what such a life looks like requires deeply getting to know yourself. Creating a strong internal compass that can withstand the pull of the endless assaults of information and advertisements seeking to influence you.

Creating that life requires connecting with reality ever more deeply. Undressing the many illusions we live in. Challenging assumptions, judgments and stereotypes. Seeing reality as it is. Seeing yourself as you are. Seeing the other as they are. Without stories, demands or expectations. And starting from that. Because you can’t navigate a territory with a faulty map 😉

…and I have yet to meet a person whose ideal life doesn’t include fulfilling relationships. Which will require you to learn how to connect with others.

Learning these skills in the process of making your own desires come true, will liberate you into being the kind of person the world desperately needs: The one you have always been underneath.

And without even trying to, this can create a ripple effect on everyone you come into contact with.

Your friends, lovers, co-workers, family and children, … Will all be affected by your commitment to connection with them and with yourself. And when they carry on that flame, so will the people they meet. Creating little ripples of healing across society, just by being you.

If that still didn’t convince you to take the leap, I’ll leave you with this:

There’s nothing more beautiful and sexy than a person who feels free to be exactly as they are in each moment.

My wish for you is that you find a way towards that beauty in yourself, and that the world may love you for it.

I know I will.


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