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About This Site

( Note: This page is about the blog “Pep Talks”.

If what brought you here was the question “Who in the world is Pep?”, you can read the X thread embedded below: )

Do you ever get this nagging sense in the back of your head?

A feeling that there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing.

More than what seems to be “the norm” in society?

More love and connectedness.

More freedom.

More frequent moments of authentic happiness.

Maybe you already know that such a reality is possible to create.

But unfortunately, life doesn’t always seem to cooperate…

Perhaps you feel held back by obligations, responsibilities or fears, limited resources…or the simple fact that you just don’t know where to start.

If you ever feel dissatisfied with that, let this moment right here be your reminder.

A reminder that life is too short to wait around for permission to finally honor yourself.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, there’s only one life you can be 100% certain you’ll have. And that’s the one you’re living right now.

How many months of that one precious life are you willing to spend living in a way that’s just not you?

And let me clear. If you feel that that’s the case for you right now…there’s absolutely no shame in that (and if there is shame, there’s also no shame in feeling that way 😉 )

In fact, I think a large majority of people find it challenging to fully embrace themselves and create a life that authentically aligns with who they are.

As simple as it is in essence, we don’t exactly live in a world that rewards kids for their authenticity (yet).

But I’m here to tell you that there is a way.

I know because I’ve walked it.

I used to hate the world around me.

I’ve felt depressed, anxious, and lost.

I just couldn’t see how to ever become happy in this reality.

And it wasn’t until I woke up on the other side (see the X thread above to read how that happened) that I realized a lot of people were struggling with this.

That’s why I started this blog—to share the lessons I learned from embracing an authentic life path, even when the odds were stacked against me at times.

To give you tools that can help you connect more deeply with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.

To help you create a life that expands from there, instead of just happening to you.

Each article on this site is 100% free.

In these “Pep Talks” I’m not trying to convince you of anything -nothing I write here is absolute truth.

In fact, there are plenty of old articles on my blog which I’d now disagree with.

But I don’t delete them.

Those perspectives were steps towards my current one.

And my current one is getting me to the next.

They might do the same for someone else.

So I invite you to ponder each idea and let it lead you to a place where you find answers within yourself.

Those answers may be the same as mine, or the exact opposite.

Whatever the case, the words will still have brought you somewhere.

And it’s my secret wish, that eventually, they might bring you to your true dream life.

The one from your heart, not the one from the hashtags.

The one that emerges when you let go of every idea that someone else ever influenced you to have.

And the best thing of all?

A life lived with such integrity, is a life with no regret.

Because everything you did was true to you and your understanding of reality in that moment.

And to me personally.

Having the chance to witness you grow into what you always have been, would be the greatest honor of all.

Much love,