Hey, my name is Pep. I write this stuff.

What’s the stuff about? To put it in one sentence:

The purpose of this blog is to maximize the amount of love and freedom you experience in life and give to others.

In practice, you’ll soon discover that means I’ll write about almost anything. Here’s a little mindmap of example subjects, designed to poke a finger at your OCD. (Hint: Love the mind map as it is, and you’ll be more free 😉 )

As I go through my own journey of expanding in these areas, I share ideas and perspectives that have helped or inspired me at some point …and they have done so for many readers throughout the years.

Nothing written here should be considered an absolute truth. It’s not a gospel, it’s not a science and I’m not trying to convince you of anything.

Instead, I merely invite you to ponder these ideas. To let them lead you to a place where you find answers in yourself. Those answers may be what I wrote, or they may be the exact opposite. I leave you free in that 😉 Some of my old ideas may lack nuance to me 5 years later, but to someone 5 years younger than me, they may be exactly what they need to hear.

Who knows? At some point my writings may even contradict each other. People change a little bit every day (in fact, the cells in your body are renewing all the time, so you might as well have been born yesterday, you big fat baby!) and so do people’s ideas about the world. (Be suspicious of anybody on the internet who tells you they’re an all-knowing teacher instead of an eternal student.)

After all, that’s what this blog aims to do: Inspire change. …and I hope it may do so for you as well!