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How I Can Help You

The best word to describe what I do is “Connection Coaching”.

In practice, that means you can bring me in for any challenges with:

✔ Yourself

✔ Your business

✔ Your relationship(s)

✔ Your sense of meaning in life

…and the way I help you solve them is by creating deeper connection.

This could be the connection with:

✔ Other people

✔ Your body or mind

✔ The bigger picture of things

…even the connection with your left pinky toe. If that would be helpful to your situation of course.

Now what might Connection Coaching look like in practice?

To find out, click on what applies to you:

I am…

An Individual

In a Relationship

Running a Business


Initial sessions will usually focus on deep listening and getting a genuine understanding of your world.

The goal is not to be another life coach forcing you into what worked for them.

But to know you so well, and help you get to know yourself so well, that you eventually become your own best coachs.

In subsequent session, we will work on the things that would have the greatest impact on the situation you’re currently dealing with.

This might include:

✔ Accountability

✔ Deepening self-awareness

✔ Restoring the connection with your body

✔ Working through blocks or inner obstacles with you

✔ Working on self-acceptance, confidence or self-esteem

✔ Mentoring you on social skills, communication or lifestyle design

✔ Learning to see reality as it is and working with it (rather than seeing it through our beliefs)

The way we’ll work together is highly customized to your needs and focused on creating a situation as fast as possible where you don’t need me as your coach anymore.

(Note: A dark side of the coaching industry, is that coaches are financially incentivized for you to always need to “fix another thing”.

This is something to be very careful with when choosing a coach, as most of them are not aware of doing this. You can read more about this here.)

Couples (or throuples, quadrouples, batallions,…)

Connection and communication may not always be the “cause” of the issues we experience in love relationships.

But it is nearly always part of the solution.

Connection coaching for couples might look like:

✔ Facilitated conversations that foster mutual understanding

✔ Working with each of you to strengthen self-connection, assertive communication, empathy & boundaries

✔ Taking you through a process of creating a shared relationship vision and finding the way to making that vision a reality

✔ Teaching communication methods that consistently create connection (such as Authentic Relating, Circling, Non-Violent Communication or Radical Honesty)

…and of course any combination of the above.

What it doesn’t look like is relationship therapy or dedicated trauma healing, which are a different thing altogether.


It may not always be obvious. But human connection is at the heart of everything in business:

✔ Sales

✔ Marketing

✔ Branding & copywriting

✔ Managing & leading your team

✔ Customer support & satisfaction

…all of these involve connecting with other humans.

Without human connection in some shape or form, no money ever comes in.

Even in an automated business, you still need to draw people to it through digital communication.

Most business coaches completely ignore this angle on business (some even see business as something “separate” from the personal).

But many communication & connection coaches are lacking in business experience.

This makes it challenging to address. Because communication in business has many complex layers to it which can’t be ignored:

✔ Agendas

✔ Effectiveness

✔ Professionalism

✔ Group & power dynamics

✔ Hidden or competing interests

✔ The need for efficiency without losing humanity

✔ The fact that people’s livelihood (money) is at stake

In addition to my communication expertise, I bring to the table years of experience with managing teams & projects.

Besides being a “solopreneur”, I’ve also helped scale businesses to +1M revenue and understand the challenges of dealing with startup cultures and growing companies

Depending on your needs, my services can include:

✔ Copywriting

✔ Creating company culture

✔ Communication workshops

✔ Reviewing your communications

✔ Team bonding retreats & activities

✔ Consulting for your managers or team

✔ Creating an authentic marketing strategy

✔ Crafting guidelines for your customer support or social media team

✔ Facilitating strategy sessions, with an emphasis on creating clarity and thinking out of the box

The ways in which connection coaching might help your business are incredibly varied and too many to list here.

But most business who have never looked at their operation through this lens can benefit greatly from doing so.

As it’s a fundamental perspective that largely goes ignored by owners due to lack of information on the topic.

If you’re curious whether connection might be part of the answer to the challenges you’re currently experiencing in business, I encourage you to just reach out below.

Even if that wouldn’t apply to you, I’m sure you’d still walk away with some and valuable new insights.

How to Request My Services

I only work with a select few people at any point to ensure I can give each client my full dedication.

And I only offer tailor-made, bespoke solutions. Every offer is customized to your specific needs and available resources.

(Yes, means if the best solution is referring you to someone else, I will offer that rather than accept your money.)

For that reason, I ask of you to fill in the application form below.

Which will allow me to assess your situation and reach out to you.

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