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No Small Talk Experiment

  • 2 min read

I’m doing one of my little experiments this week and I’m inviting you to join.

Too often, we all resort to small talk and safe topics because we are afraid to open up. We use it as a protective layer of fluff to avoid making ourselves vulnerable.

It’s easy to deceive yourself into believing you have a lot of friends. Just hang out with a lot of people (or chat with them) and you may already feel that way.  But how many of these people really know you on a deep level?  Would it scare you if they did?

What’s the worst that could happen?  Perhaps they could “expose” you to more people… But if you weren’t afraid of those people getting to know you, that wouldn’t be an issue.

Next week I will challenge myself to eliminate all small talk from conversations for a week.

I would love it if you did this with me so we could share our experience with each other.

This means:

• Skipping the “Hey how you doin’?” “‘sup, bra?” and getting straight to what you have to say.

• No talking about the weather, terrorism, soccer or Justin Bieber’s unless it genuinely moves you .

• When people ask you about yourself, don’t say “I study X or work at Y” …unless you’re so passionate about it that it actually defines who you are. In any other case, tell them about the things you love, the things that set you apart.

I truly believe that if we do this, it will open us up and change our lives and those of others for the better.

So why not give it a shot? It’s only seven days, right?

After that, you can go back to talking about Justin Bieber’s tits as much as you want ?

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