The One Book You Need to Stop Reading Right Now

During a hypnosis session, my subconscious showed me all sorts of interesting visualizations. In one of them, I was once walking through a big city...

Picking Your Friends Consciously

A while ago, my dad was telling me about helping people with serious drug addictions.  After doing this for years, he told me he had learned that..

What Is True Rebellion?

As a rebel, it’s surprisingly easy to actually miss the point of being a rebel entirely. I must admit that for most of my life, I..

How to Have a Perfect Day

One short and simple exercise I did a year ago that had a tremendous impact on what my life looks like today, is to write..

How to Stop Feeling Disappointed

I used to feel disappointed every single day. I’d get up somewhere in the afternoon, put my favorite record on, make myself some cocktails and..

The Opposite of Priorities

Without a doubt, you’ve heard about “picking your priorities” before. When you have lots of work to do and very little time (don’t we all?),..

Areas of Intimacy

One of the things I like most about meeting new people is the fact that every single one of them is a pretty package full..

Do You Really Need to “Beat Your Fears”?

When you first start taking steps in the direction of improving yourself. Or when trying to make some of your bolder dreams come true, one..

Is Cheating Just a Normal Part of Being a Man?

A little over a year ago, one of my Facebook friends posted the following status: Yesterday I broke up with my girl. Reason why? I..

The Other 27 Club

Have you ever heard of the infamous “27 club”? The club refers to a number of exceptionally “talented” musicians who all passed away at the age 27. ..

How Can I Bother You Today?

Imagine life itself came knocking at your door. And the first thing she said was “How can I help you today?” “You can have any life..

How to Overcome Addiction

I have a confession to make:  For most of my teenage years I was addicted. I was going to finish that sentence with “…to alcohol” but as..

Maps of Reality

Have you ever seen one of those weird maps from earlier times that just seem very funny and… Well… totally wrong? I’m talking about maps..

How Being Homeless Taught Me to Build the Life of My Dreams

Winter 2009. I came back from the gas station store, where I was quickly going to grab one for the road. But when I came..

How Big Is The Chance You’ll Fail to Achieve Your Dreams?

When you have big dreams, people will often warn you about how unrealistic they are. “What if you fail?”  They’ll say.  “You’ll have nothing to..

First I Gotta…

You probably have some things that you’d love to do right now but simply can’t until you’ve fixed something stopping you from doing it. I..

The Manual for Life

When I was a kid, my favorite toys were always LEGOs.  Hands down. I liked a lot of stuff (let’s face it:  90’s toys were the..

How to Party Like a Legend – Without Drinking

Everyone loves a party, but nobody likes a hangover, am I right? Still for most people, that punishment is no reason to abstain from drinking..

Free-Flowing Relationships

8 out of 10 times when someone asks me if I have a girlfriend, my answer pisses them off.   I’m not sure why.  I..

How to Fix Your Problems the Fast Way

You know how you can sometimes stumble upon something you wrote years ago and can’t help but laugh about the pettiness of your problems and..
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